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I love where you are heading on this Rob. What speaks to me is deep diving into transforming and "Becoming who you need to be” via the "emotional and relational and psychospiritual” work you mention.

How I view this, is what I have been doing myself, to let go of all the old self beliefs of who thought I needed to be, an “identity” ie. being a soul destroying career as a corporate accountant for 33 years. Ego driven.

After experiencing chronic health issues and experiencing a major awakening, I’m more than the ego, been on a journey ever since, to do even more deeper work of self discovery and seek personal truth, meaning, and let go of past issues, so I can be of service and make a small dent of difference in the world.

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I struggle with this all. the. time. Writing about marketing is hopelessly meta, because you're farming for attention by sharing how others can get attention. Nobody stays in marketing for very long. Most of the best marketers I have seen make a transition into something else thats more meaningful and worthwhile.

Sounds like your truer direction is helping people Become. I like it.

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