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'as I've delved deeper into emotional and spiritual work, the more I'm seeing my own humanity, and the human condition, messy as it all is, as sacred and beautiful.' - i call this stage, the wisdom of the gutter. most don't like it and fob it off by spiritually bypassing their own shadow, instead usually projecting it onto others.

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'I've officially entered the stage of daily publishing where it feels like a grind.' you've hit the stage where victorian writers would hit the opium dens and brothels.

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Best piece I've read on this topic so far: https://ianleslie.substack.com/p/the-struggle-to-be-human

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I can still notice when someone starts posting content with use of AI (and I do make that suspicious judgement in my head too 😅)

My response to email clients (product brand owners) who ask me if they should start using AI to help with copywriting : your customers will not buy more products from you, if you use AI. People seem to think that they can press a button and the AI will do the heavy lifting... You still need to put in some effort of making the copy sound human and like you. And that’s what customers will resonate with ultimately.

From my more spiritual perspective : I’m on a path where I’m personally making more genuine soul connections with the people I wanna help (outside of email marketing biz). And I don’t see how AI can facilitate that. The soul is the only thing they can’t code. So I’m holding off on that for now.

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Good thinking.⁣

My take is that AI can be of great assistance at times. ⁣

But not to write. ⁣

Rather to explore ideas, get more info and facts ( as soon as it gets better at this), and surface what's out there but you didn't know.⁣

I do like the raw, fully human, me-to-you style, tone of writing, but AI can do that too. And it's going to get better.⁣

So in the end, not even the writing style and format may be going to help us in being clearly distinguishable from AI writing.⁣

What can and will make you and me recognizable from AI is itself a fascinating challenge around which it's worth spending some time. ⁣

What will characterize me and my future writing from AI (as they fastly become indistinguishable)?⁣

Here some rough ideas:⁣

1) Writing style ⁣

The more unique, the more awkward and personal, the better. The more formal, correct and professional, the worst.⁣

2) Stance ⁣

Strong viewpoint and unique perspective ⁣

3) Vocabulary⁣

Though AI can easily steal and adopt your new words, it won't be able to be first at coining them.⁣

4) Conversation⁣

Your content is fruit of an exchange or conversation with another human.⁣

5) Research⁣

I may be wrong on this but I have not seen AI being able - for now - to do a good in-depth research on any topic supported by quality references. ⁣

6) Resources⁣

AI only knows what's out there online. But if you step outside that perimeter and bring in new stuff, resources and tools that were not known or visible before, AI will have to catch up on you.⁣

7) Connections⁣

Seeing emerging patterns and re-using and combining ideas from one sector into another. ⁣

8) Collections⁣

Bringing together the best resources, ideas or tools for a specific audience and need while using a clearly defined and shared set of criteria.⁣

9) Insights⁣

Seeing beyond the surface and extracting value, new understanding and vision from apparently obvious things.⁣

10) Audit⁣

Providing insights and actionable feedback on work created by others. ⁣

What do you think Rob?⁣

am I headed in the right direction?

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