Internal and external resonance is such a great idea!! I love that so much. I've had the hunch that if I keep doing things that have internal resonance, over time they'll reach external resonance (as well more traditional external metrics).

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these ideas really resonate with me Rob and I love the way you articulated them. Seems like I’m on a similar journey, trying to write stuff that only I can write for many reasons: 1) I’ll actually care about writing them well, so the essays are crafted better 2) I ruminate on the ideas longer so the result is usually more thoughtful

Pouring myself into those kinds of essays tends to get more external resonance. I like your idea about measuring these- I’m stealing it :)

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Although these comments aren’t your highest metric as per this article - I’m currently traveling and in a layover so it’s my best way to quickly connect with you.

I’ve felt your void of your ethos in the past couple of months of years even though I have discovered your work perhaps since 2020?

Seeing you simply active again has definitely helped that but also your commitment to show up is very clear right now. But it’s also helpful to see you continue to point to others who are walking in the same unknown fields as (we) are.

I’m taking a similar daily writing oath but mine is not going public just yet, but your daily posts have been and will continue to be a beacon as I also try to figure out my version of a little shack or hut on the internet landscape that feel can build to a point of being just enough, for the right people.

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